Chart Minder Pro

Best value
£1.25 a month
when you pay annually

For a 50% discount, make annual payments for Chart Minder Pro

£2.50 a month
when you pay monthly

For flexibility, make monthly payments for Chart Minder Pro


List of Chart Minder Pro benefits

Freehand chart design tool

Share your chart with anyone

Keep track of your progress

Have Chart Minder highlight your current row, and remember where you got to

Preview your chart in stitches

Knit stitches aren't square! Use the Stitch view to see what your motif will look like when it is knitted

Generate your chart from an image

Save time by using images you already have to create knitting patterns from anything at all

Download your chart

As well as storing your chart on the site, you can download it as an image to use in a pattern, printed, or anywhere you like

Wide range of knitting symbols

Gauge calculator

Gauge will always distort the shape of your stitches. Chart Minder can show you how this will look, as well as helping you calculate measurements

Private charts

Restrict access to your creations

Copy and paste

Speed up your chart drawing process

Flip and Rotate

Flip and rotate selections of the chart to create symetry

Higher quality downloads

Get better definition in your images

Full spectrum of colours

Find the perfect shade using the advanced colour picker

Choose from 95 colours

Unlimited outlines

Outlines are a great way to remind you to repeat a section, change needle size, or add annotations

One permitted

Preview chart repetition

Visualise the effect of repeating your pattern many times to see how the joins will align

Custom chart numbering

Offsetting your chart numbering is helpful when your chart begins part way through a project

Reorder your palette

Custom grid, font and symbol styling

Download without Chart Minder watermark

Premium support

Guaranteed access to all new features

Get that warm fuzzy feeling of supporting an independent creator

Chart Minder is built and run entirely by me (hello!). Having Pro users enables me to spend more time improving the site

Best value
£1.25 a month
when you pay annually

For a 50% discount, make annual payments for Chart Minder Pro

£2.50 a month
when you pay monthly

For flexibility, make monthly payments for Chart Minder Pro


Can I pay for one month/year without subscribing?

Yes. First complete the subscription checkout to activate Chart Minder Pro, then you can immediately cancel the subscription from yout Account Settings. No further payments will be taken, and you'll retain access to all the Pro features for the period you paid for.

How do I cancel?

Sign in with the account you subscribed as, then click on your name in the top right corner, and click ‘Account Settings’, then on the ‘Subscription’ tab. Here you can see all the information about your subscription, and you can cancel it in two clicks by selecting ‘Cancel’ from the dropdown on the top right, then confirming. Once you’ve done this, no further payments will be taken, and you’ll still have access to Pro until the end of the period you already paid for.

What happens to the pro features in my chart if I unsubscribe?

Your work will still be preserved. Once your Pro access expires, any charts you have which use pro features, will have those settings locked, and the chart will display without the pro features. All your settings are still there though, so if you resubscribe, they will magically appear again as if they never left.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes. Chart Minder uses Stripe to process payments and subscriptions. Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Chart Minder itself will never see (or have access to) any of your card data at all.

What if I'm unhappy with the service after I buy Chart Minder Pro?

Please get in touch using the chat bubble on the site (you must be signed in to use this) to discuss any issues you are having on the site.