Acceptable Use

Last updated August 28, 2019

This document summaries guidance on what constitutes acceptable use of the site. Please refer to the Acceptable Use clause in our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Using charts in patterns

You are permitted to use charts generated in Chart Minder in your own patterns and projects elsewhere. Charts are downloaded with a watermark, which may be removed, so long as credit to the site is mentioned elsewhere in your pattern, project or post.

We also recommend tagging Chart Minder in your Ravelry pattern/project listings, and sharing them in the Chart Minder Ravelry group.

Sharing Patterns

When you create a pattern in Chart Minder, you allow that content to be accessed by other users of the site (and the internet). Private charts will not be offered to users in the website, but the safest way to keep things private is not to put them on the internet. As such, it is your responsibility to ensure that all content you produce adheres to the following guidelines.

Abusive or inflamatory content

Do not share content which contains abusive, or inflamatory content. This means anything which we deem to be; racist, transphobic, ageist, sexist, socio-economic background, homophobic, in support of white supremacy (which includes support of the Donald Trump administration), ableist, violent, xenophobic, discriminatory against those with mental ill health, discriminatory against a particular religion or belief. This list is not exhaustive.

Any such content will be deleted without warning.

Copyright infringement

Do not share content which are copied from other designers, transferred from paid knitting patterns, without prior consent from the owner of that pattern or design.

Do not share content which represent content that could infringe copyright or branding guidelines for other businesses. For example scanning a company logo and publishing it as your own design.

Reporting content

Please contact Chart Minder if you have questions about these guidelines, or wish to report content which you believe breaches any of our terms.