About Chart Minder

An introduction...

Hello! I'm Abby, the creator of Chart Minder. I'm a devoted knitter and professional software engineer. I started Chart Minder in 2012 when I was struggling to get to grips with a particularly tricky colourwork pattern. At first it was just a grid based on some measurement controls, to help me with stitch calculations. It didn't do very much at all.

Around a year later, I was working on a stranded sweater. I struggled with it, making frequent mistakes because I'd switched the chart colours and kept forgetting which was which. "There must be a better way...", I thought every time I had to unpick! Remembering the experiment I had made, I dove back in, adding colour drawing to the grid. From that point on, every new knitting pattern or struggle with a chart became a new feature on the ever-growing list of 'to-dos' for the project.

And so Chart Minder was born and first became available to the world in 2014. I nervously shared it on the Ravelry forums, checking in occasionally to see if and how anyone was using it. Before long hundreds of people had signed up, and posted lots of lovely messages and feedback!

Thank you for using Chart Minder!

Abby (Tricotry)